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The Advantages of Creating Your Own Clothes

refurbished sewing machine

Have you jumped on the sewing bandwagon, or are you the happy new owner of a refurbished sewing machine, and keen to start to start your sewing journey?

There are lots of reasons why making your own clothes offer advantages…

Ethically sound. Sure, pre-made clothing is cheap, but cheap clothing has its own price. While clothing has decreased in price, the human and environmental costs have soared. People making cheap fashions often work in horrible conditions and for poverty wages, while the environment is affected because cheap clothing uses more resources and toxic chemicals.

Personalised. Even if you use patterns, the materials you choose for your outfit will be different. You’ll be wearing something no-one else has. The seams, buttons, zips and stitching will be uniquely yours. If you have an eye for great material, you’ll create eye-catching outfits people will envy.

Old school, vintage sewing machines. There is something hugely satisfying about the old-fashioned nature of making your own clothes. Double that effect by running up garments on a refurbished sewing machine.

old scissors various threads and sewing tools on wooden table

It’s a terrific hobby. Creating your own clothes can take up as much or as little time as you can afford. You might embark on this hobby and discover you LOVE it. Sewing something takes in many different elements. First, you must plan it either creating your own sewing pattern or buying one. Then, there are the materials to be chosen and bought. You’ll learn to lay out and cut, tack and sew, using different stitches to suit.

Find new friends. You’ll discover that lots of people share your hobby, and they all love getting together to swap skills and learn from each other. From craft fairs to weekly meet-ups, sewing events are now widespread. Want to find a group near you? Check out the sewing directory.

It’s something to do with your kids. As we mentioned above, sewing involves lots of different skills. Simple projects for kids, though, could include taking up trousers and skirts or making pillow cases or cushion covers. Remember, sewing isn’t gender specific. Little boys will enjoy it just as much as little girls. And it doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby. Buy one of our refurbished machines, and you’ll be getting a great piece of kit for minimal expense.

Satisfaction. We reckon this is a number one reason why so many people love making their own clothes. A home-made skirt, pair of trousers or dress feels much more precious than anything you can buy.

Sewing4Everyone specialises in used and vintage sewing machines (including the refurbished sewing machine option) for home and commercial use – quality equipment at cost-effective prices. Check out our range and start your own home-made clothes sewing journey today.

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