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Sewing Resolutions 2018

heavy-duty sewing machineDid Santa give you a heavy-duty sewing machine for Christmas or a used one? As January is just about upon us, it’s only right that we make some suggestions for sewing resolutions for 2018.

Here are ours.

Take on a challenge. If you mainly use your heavy-duty sewing machine for quilting, why not try something different in 2018? It’s a lot easier to learn how to sew these days, as there are so many tutorials on YouTube, sewing blogs and instructions in magazines.

Try different materials. Again, a heavy-duty sewing machine allows you to try out sewing projects using different fabrics. If you’d like to alter jeans, for example, this machine makes the job a breeze. You can straighten the legs, hem them or even turn an old pair into a pencil skirt.

When it comes to clothing, most of us tend to choose the same colours and patterns. Experiment this year with other colours to add variety to your wardrobe.

Make yourself an evening gown. This resolution might be the same as the challenge (though it doesn’t need to be if you choose a simple pattern). Every woman should own a home-made evening gown. Vintage styles such as patterns for the 1930s and 40s dresses are beautiful and almost universally flattering, thanks to all the drapery that goes on.

Learn a new technique. From staystitching to prevent distortion to curves, to clipping corners and curves, seam finishes and fussy cutting, professional techniques will make your sewing exemplary. There is an excellent guide to these methods here.

Make yourself accountable. Perhaps you’d like to start up your own blog or video channel on YouTube. While it is gratifying to gain lots of likes and followers (and really popular bloggers and vloggers can turn this into a business), a bonus is that it makes you accountable.

If you do embark on that big project and blog about it, it will be easier to keep up if you think people are charting your progress. A Pinterest and Instagram can do the same thing. You could take pictures or small film clips of your project as you do it.

Sew from your stash and/or recycle. If you got lots of odds and ends of material lying about, or you have old curtains, why not give them a new lease of life? Keen sewers often have a lot of fabric to hand, but it almost always doesn’t all get used up.

We hope that the list inspires you and you can put your heavy-duty sewing machine to good use. Happy New Year from all of us at Sewing4Everyone!

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