• By Emma
  • June 15, 2017

Celebrity Sewing Fans

Celebrity Sewing Fans

pre-owned sewing machineHave you bought a pre-owned sewing machine and are poised to enter hobby world? You’re in good company.

Possibly the UK’s most famous DIY-er is Kirsty Allsopp, who has spent the last few years encouraging all of us to learn how to sew, knit and make our own furniture for our homes, but she’s not the only one with a passion for the home-made.

Another famous sewing fan is the American actress, Katherine Heigl. According to her official website, sewing is her new passion thanks to the photo-sharing site, Pinterest. Katherine’s mother sewed, but it hadn’t seemed like a cool hobby at the time.

However, when Katherine and her sister started following Pinterest accounts, this sparked the interest. Katherine decided to make baby clothes for her two daughters, and her mum bought her a sewing machine. She describes her hobby as “therapeutic”.

(We like to think it might have been a pre-owned sewing machine!)

Here are some others who can’t resist the call of the needle and thread…

Dannii Minogue’s famous older sister sometimes passed on her clothes. Dannii wanted to personalise them, so used her sewing skills to do so. Sweet, and environmentally friendly at the same time!

Julia Roberts took up sewing as a hobby to give her a ‘thinking’ hobby as she got older. Apparently, she’s a dab hand at cushions.

There’s a terrific picture of the actor Paul Newman sitting on a bed hand-sewing what looks like a jacket. Added cool comes from the Siamese cat stood next to him, who may or may not be criticising his skills.

While on the European leg of her ‘Femme Fatale’ tour, the singer Brittany Spears posted a picture on Twitter of her getting sewing lessons in Sweden from the wardrobe team. Handy, really. Especially when you are the mother of sons. Boys have a tendency to rip and destroy clothing, don’t they?

[Incidentally, if you have just bought yourself a pre-owned sewing machine, you might want to follow Brittany’s example and get some lessons before your start.]

Eva Longoria makes her own kid’s Hallowe’en costumes, which is kind of cool when you think how much easier it would be for her to buy something.

Betsy_Ross_sewingWe’ll finish with Betsy Ross, the woman linked with the American flag. The story is likely a myth, but it goes that Betsy, a seamstress living in the 18th Century, made the flag in 1776. She was visited by George Washington and asked to make up a flag for the new nation. Washington and the Continental Congress had come up with a design, but Betsy amended it so the cloth could be folded and cut out with a single snip.

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