Top Brands

Portable & Semi Industrial

Powerful & Heavy Duty

Machines Made of Metal not Plastic!


Highly Reliable


Sew Fine & Heavy Fabrics


High Foot Lift

Our Sewing Machines Include:

+ Warranty + Lifetime Support Guarantee

+ A Full Service + Free P&P + Free Returns

Industrial and Semi Industrial Machines

We provide heavy duty sewing machines for home use and various businesses:


Horse Rug/Blanket Repairers, Sailmakers, Leather Crafts, Banner Makers,
Dog Collar Designers, Car/Boat/Antique Restorers, Dressmakers,
Curtain Makers, Bag Makers, Upholsterers…

We are here to help You!

We provide support and knowledge about services, threads, needles, parts, repairs and much more!

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